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How to test a remote connection to SQL Instance

It is very easy

1. Create a simple txt file and change the extention to .udl
2. Double-click on the file and up pops a SQL connectivity window to allow testing of remote SQL connections

Service Manager – Issue with Registration of Data Warehouse – A Management Group with same Name

Very nice that life give your some new challenges. In may lap I some how ran into below error.

Error Message: A Management group with the same name is already registered to the data warehouse mangement group.



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Service Manager installation issue with the MP part

Finally I had a issue with installation of the Service Manager system for POC system.

Error: An error occurred with executing a customer action:_CreateMOMRegKey

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SCSM – Portal Service Catalog Empty for End Users


I have just setup the Self Service Portal, and it look fine. But it was empty. Then I found Justin Cook has wrote a nice blog about it.


I will recommend you to have look.

And another greate blog from Sandeep Chadda


One more to check out

If you take a look on both blog’s, then you have very good idea solve this issue.


SCSM – “the data warehouse registration failed”

Yesterday I got below error when I tried to register my Data Warehouse.

Error Message

I have look through the white papers from Microsoft (Link). I saw that section with Powershell. And when I change Execution Policy to RemoteSigned, and run the GUI agaoin. The works

How to

Run Powerhell with admin right and run below command. And press Y(as default)

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned