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Virtual Machine Manager Job – Error (31306) – VM Role exists with the same name

I have seen some problem doing VM role deployment. Sometime the deployment have problem because of missing input for the defition file. But VMM still create the cloud service. And next time you try get error that the VM role allready exists, but cannot find it in VMM console.


So what now, I have find the cloud service in the db for VMM, and now I like to remove it

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Virtual Disk Dependencies – Temporary Template

One day I want to remove a virtual disk from Library. And I saw there was a warning. When I open the dependencies for the disk. I saw a lot for dependencies to some temporary template.


Normally the daily clean up job will remove the temparary templates. But can not wait you can use the below powershell command.

Remove-SCVMTemplate -VMTemplate “Temporary Template8529b966-bd1f-4d80-a304-ce3cf6f3b8cf”


Now you can go back to the console and refresh and remove the disk from Library.


Virtual Machine Manager – Cannot find VHD file

I got a error message ‘Incomplete VM Configuration’, while the ‘Job Status’ was ‘Failed’. When trying to run a ‘Repair’, I got a message where VMM could not find the VHD file. I checked with the ‘Cluster Manager’, in the manager you could see that the VM was running fine on another host.

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