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Virtual Machine Manager Job – Error (31306) – VM Role exists with the same name

I have seen some problem doing VM role deployment. Sometime the deployment have problem because of missing input for the defition file. But VMM still create the cloud service. And next time you try get error that the VM role allready exists, but cannot find it in VMM console.


So what now, I have find the cloud service in the db for VMM, and now I like to remove it

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How to test a remote connection to SQL Instance

It is very easy

1. Create a simple txt file and change the extention to .udl
2. Double-click on the file and up pops a SQL connectivity window to allow testing of remote SQL connections

What is Azure Pack?

The Windows Azure package is a collection of Microsoft Azure technology. After installation in the data center, the Windows Azure package is integrated into System Center and Windows Server to a self-service portal for the management of services such as web pages, virtual machines and service bus, a portal for administrators to manage resources Clouds, scalable provide much more web hosting and.

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