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Azure – Create Active Directory forest

Do you like to play around and like to use Azure. But you don’t know how to create you own AD foreste in the cloud. Don’t be afraid. Microsoft have created this good toturial.

Install a new Active Directory forest in Windows Azure

Azure – Networking – VPN configuration

In Azure Networking you can create private netwoking conneciton. I have collect some good links that descibe how to set it up.

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Azure – Networking – Site2Site with Forefront TMG

Richard Hicks has made this very nice guide how to make a site to site connection between Azure and Forefront TMG.




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SCCM – OSD – Preventing Task Sequence Reboot After Software Install

This is one that you’ll deal with sooner or later, Windows XP Service Pack 3 is a valid example (requires a reboot after install and therefore produces an exit code of 3010 or 0x80070bc2

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SCCM – OSD – Gina

Here some usefull information about GINA(.dll)



When deploying Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003, OSD installs a custom GINA (OSDGINA.DLL) after applying the image (or via cmdlines.txt for the unattended install case). This allows OSD to install the ConfigMgr client, complete the task sequence, and block user logon until the task sequence is complete.


When OSDGINA.DLL is installing, it checks the registry to see if a GINA other than MSGINA is installed, and if so, backs up the value of HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVertion\Winlogon!GinaDLL to OSDOldGinaDLL. When the task sequence is complete and OSDGINA.DLL is uninstalling, it restores any value which was backed up to OSDOldGinaDLL.


When a custom GINA is installed, it overwites the GinaDLL registry value and triggers a reboot. This effectively aborts the Task Sequence, since it is OSDGINA.DLL that bootstraps the Task Sequence after any reboots in the new operating system, until the Task Sequence has completed. Since OSD pauses Software Distribution until the end of the Task Sequence, this also means that Software Distribution will remain in a paused state.


The Solution


For the installation of a custom GINA in an Install Software Step (as part of an OSD Task Sequence) to work correctly, the GinaDLL value needs to be restored to “OSDGINA.DLL” and the OSDOldGinaDLL value to be set to the GINA DLL for the custom GINA. This can be accomplished by suppressing the reboot triggered by the Install Software action for the custom GINA, and running a custom command line step right after to make the registry changes. Assuming for the sake of illustration that the custom GINA DLL is MYGINA.DLL, the registry needs to end up looking like this:


HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon!GinaDLL = OSDGINA.DLL


HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon!OSDOldGinaDLL = MYGINA.DLL


You can have this step reboot to clear the pending reboot, if desired.


Hyper V – Switch Issue – External

I have use  VirtualBox to sandbox system. Now I got Windows 8 with Hyper-V :-). So I have moved my VM’s to Hyper-V.

Soon I ran into a issue if I want to connect to the External net. My laptop lost the connection but VM work fine. Hmm strange??

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SCCM OSD troubleshooting

When you start to use SCCM for OSD. Then you sune will find out that most of time in the beginning used for troubleshooting. There for I have collected some of good blogs below.


The first thing you have to know is where to find the log file. @ Mike Taylor blog you can find a very good description of how, when and where to find the log file. Link: Log File Location

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Azure – Tools

I saw this tool from Microsoft Research. Where you should be able check the throughput to you Azure acccount.

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Service Manager – Issue with Registration of Data Warehouse – A Management Group with same Name

Very nice that life give your some new challenges. In may lap I some how ran into below error.

Error Message: A Management group with the same name is already registered to the data warehouse mangement group.



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List of IT Pro Conferences

I am trying to collect a list for good IT Pro Conferences. Some time if difficult to find the right one.

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