SolarWinds Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager 2012

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The SolarWinds® Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager 2012 allows you to integrate the functionality of your SolarWinds applications—such as Network Performance Monitor (NPM), Netflow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), Server & Application Monitor (SAM), and Web Performance Monitor (WPM)—into the Operations Manager console to provide a single pane-of-glass for monitoring both Microsoft® and non-Microsoft objects.

The Management Pack lets you:

  • Customize alert actions & thresholds
  • Have visibility into network bandwidth usage, top talkers & network-wide traffic summaries
  • Monitor non-Microsoft applications (VMware®, IBM® and Oracle® databases, Apache™ webservers, Citrix® terminal services & and others)
  • Create monitors for custom applications
  • Track transaction latency for Web applications

The Management Pack Interfaces with these SolarWinds Products:

Network Performance Monitor tracks response time and availability of network devices and simplifies detection, diagnosis, and resolution of network issues. NPM extends the network monitoring capabilities of Operations Manager by providing access to additional devices and performance data.

Netflow Traffic Analyzer monitors bandwidth utilization at the interface level and allows you to identify the users, applications, and protocols that are consuming the bandwidth. Where NPM alerts you to interfaces with performance issues, NTA provides the information about why there is a performance issue.

Server & Application Monitor provides monitoring of services, applications, and hardware. More than 150 applications are configured out-of-the box with the ability to create custom application monitors for special case scenarios. You can reboot systems, and remotely administer services and processes directly from SAM’s console.

Web Performance Monitor allows monitoring of Web sites, applications, and pages regardless of where they are hosted. Sequences of steps can be recorded interactively and played back from multiple systems, allowing you to test not only page functionality, but also network availability and performance.


Installing the Management Pack

Installing the Management Pack is incredibly easy. Log on to your System Center Operations Manager 2012 server with a local administrator account. (Do not use a domain admin account.) Launch the MSI installer file, and click on Next, Next, Install, and Finish.

Configuring the Management Pack

Configuring the Management Pack requires only a bit more effort. J

  1. Specify the hostname or IP Address of your SolarWinds server running NPM, SAM, or WPM.
  2. Select the Nodes and Interfaces to be monitored (NPM).
  3. Select any Netflow nodes to be monitored (NTA).
  4. Select the Applications and Components to be monitored (SAM).
  5. Select the Transactions and Transaction Steps to be monitored (WPM).
  6. Specify how often to collect the data from and check for changes in the SolarWinds server database.


Once the Management Pack is installed, a number of nodes will be added to the Monitoring pane of the Operations Manager console. Depending on the SolarWinds products you have installed and what you selected to monitor, you’ll see one or more of these nodes.

Additional Resources

You can find detailed installation and configuration instructions, with screen images, in the document SolarWinds Management Pack Version 2.1 that is included in the download package.

Video: Management Pack for Server & Application Monitoring

Download: Solarwinds

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