Service Manager – Report – View Persmission

Service Manager supports a Delegation Model for different User Roles. However, if you want non-Administrators to see and use specific Reports, this is not possible using one of the default roles.

I have create this short guide that use the build-in role-base access model i Reporting Service.

Open the Reporting Service website (http:\\hostname\Reports) for Service Manager. Take ‘Folder Option’ (this reporting service on SQL 2012 sp1, so it can look different in other version of SQL)



In my case the admins was not able to read the reportes, therefor pressed ‘Edit’ for DWAdministratos. In you case where have some user you can usee the button ‘New Role Assigement’, where you can point to domain user or group.




I have my Admins ‘Browser’ rights and press ‘Apply’. It here you can give you domain user or group the same rights, so the are able to see the reports.



Annother thing, now the user have the need permission they can also the ‘Reporting’ bar in the console for Service Manager.




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