Virtual Machine Manager – Cannot find VHD file

I got a error message ‘Incomplete VM Configuration’, while the ‘Job Status’ was ‘Failed’. When trying to run a ‘Repair’, I got a message where VMM could not find the VHD file. I checked with the ‘Cluster Manager’, in the manager you could see that the VM was running fine on another host.

Screenshorts of my erros messages:


The above error was not new to Microsoft. They have create KB to solve it – LINK


I have create a visual walkthrough the solution.

1. First log on Virtual Machine Manager

2. Stop ‘System Center Virtual Machine Manager’ service

3. Star now ’Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio’ and connect to the database for Virtual Machine Manager

4. Start a backup of the ’VirtualManagerDB’

5. I have provided a  backup name: VirtualManagerDB-Full Database Backup – 27022014, and description: kb_2756886. Set ti to backup to ‘Disk’

6. Press ’Add…’ to set location and filename. I have use, Filename: kb_2756886.bak, Location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\Backup

7. After I have set filename and location. I am back at the ‘Back Up Database’ screen. Here I pressed the ‘OK’ button.

8. Backup Completed

9. Get back to the ’Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio’ and choose ‘New Query’

10. Copy / Past the script from over to Manamgement Studio.

11. Press ‘Execute’

12. It works

13. Start now the ‘System Center Virtual Machine Manager’ service

14. Start the Virtual Machine Manager console and check the state of the VM


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